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A Social Justice Warrior, an Intersectional Paladin, a Rogue Worker... this can be you in Rules & Roberts! Engage in collective decision making while exploring perilous dungeons and fantastical realms. 

Rules & Roberts is a lightweight storytelling game that will introduce players to Robert's Rule of Order, a set of parliamentary procedures used by a wide range of democratic organizations.

  • For 3 to 3000 players
  • Easy to learn: no dice nor complicated stats
  • Includes a set of hilarious campaigns
  • Educational for both players and Dungeon Masters
  • A fantasy game designed by and for leftists
  • FREE (print and play)

The Gameplay

Rules & Roberts is light on mechanics, focuses on collaborative storytelling, and simplifies the work of the Dungeon Master.
The players are adventures determined to bring justice, peace and freedom in a high fantasy universe. Being a radically democratic group, all of their actions are methodically debated and agreed upon.
Instead of individualistically declaring their actions, each player proposes motions that are discussed, amended, and approved by the whole group following the Robert's Rules of Order process.

Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order is a manual establishing procedures for democratic decision making. It is widely used by a range of American organizations, including nonprofit associations, political groups, and trade unions. Being originally conceived in the late 19th century, its language and processes may appear formulaic and inaccessible to the uninitiated. This game aims to introduce these procedures in a compelling and humorous way.

Cover illustration by: Gábor Szász (drawing) and James Child (color)

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GenreRole Playing
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