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Three Sided Football Arcade is the first videogame adaptation of the namesake sport. It’s a local competitive game for three human players.
3SF was originally released as part of the  Wonderville bundle.

3 twin stick controllers are required. It should work with Playstation, Logitech and Xbox Controllers.

Left stick to move

When controlling the ball:
A button to shoot (hold down to charge, release to kick)
B button to pass to the AI player

When not controlling the ball:
A button to tackle
B button to switch controlled players

When the goalie has the ball:
A button to pass the ball
B button to switch the player you are passing the ball to

Press 1 to toggle post rendering effects on and off

The team that concedes the least goals wins, the goal scored are accounted only in case of a tie.
Each game lasts 3 minutes.

The original 3 Sided Football was conceived by Danish Situationist Asger Jorn in 1964. 3SF was meant to explain his concept of Triolectics, a detournement of the Hegelo-Marxist dialectics. Jorn’s Triolectical Materialism was presented in an obscure pamphlet titled “De la méthode triolectique dans ses applications en situlogie générale” and published by the Scandinavian Institute of Comparative Vandalism. 
The idea of an anarchist football played by three opposing teams in an elegant hexagonal pitch survived the oblivion and was occasionally put into practice by artists and neo-situationists in the ’90s. 
Today there are a few clubs and tournaments dedicated to 3SF.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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Tagscouch, Football, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, situationism, Soccer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
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